Welcome to Scrosoppi FC!

Scrosoppi FC is more than a football club

The club was named after the great Patron Saint of Footballers, Luigi Scrosoppi. Scrosoppi was known for his commitment to bettering the lives of youth through sport – and we are continuing his legacy through a club named in his honour.

Scrosoppi FC was founded in 2020 and is named after the Patron Saint of Footballers, Luigi Scrosoppi.
In our third season we will have a team competing in L1 Ontario Premier Men's Division, and multiple teams competing in L1 Ontario Men and Women Reserve Divisions.
SFC working with our athletes to help them achieve their goals and supports Ontario Soccer’s elite player pathway.

For Our Fans

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Our Goals

Our number one goal is to prepare athletes for the next destination in their soccer journey; to have a collegiate career, a pro contract or a lifelong love for the sport. Scrosoppi FC is a high-performance environment dedicated to high performance training. Athletes will develop physically, technically, mentally, and emotionally, so that they can become the best version of themselves and one step closer to achieving their ultimate dream.

Our second goal is to build our community. Once Scrosoppi FC secures their own facility, we will create a true club culture and visceral experience to support the brand of excellence.

Scrosoppi the man, was known for his fairness, perseverance, and determination. Just like the man, our club will persevere until we have created a future filled with playing opportunities for young, talented, hardworking soccer players.