While you are training with Scrosoppi FC your Head Coach and the entire SFC team is there to help you achieve your soccer and life dreams! Throughout the season, they will work with you to outline your strengths and areas of opportunity and collaboratively work towards your goals. As your coach, they will be leveraging the Scrosoppi FC network of NCAA/U Sport Contacts, International Contacts, and CPL/MLS contacts to ensure that they are advocating for you and your goals!  Using a comprehensive approach to developing individuals, not just footballers, Scrosoppi FC aims to provide each player with the tools to allow football to be the vehicle to take them to their dream achievements.  Scrosoppi FC will expose our players to unparalleled football and life experiences through the game.  Whether in the form of top international and domestic competitions, having invested and experienced coaching staff and mentors, using industry-leading methodologies and training practices, or experiencing world-class facilities, players and parents will undoubtedly view their time at Scrosoppi Football Club as well worth it.  We view each age category as equally important steps in the pathway of our young players and essential in creating the final “product.”  Players at U8 will be trained and developed with the same focus, passion, and attention as our League 1 Ontario Premier players.  The difference is simply the focus of curriculum, but the focus on creating a professional, engaging and enjoyable environment remains the same.

Scrosoppi FC ensures all athletes have access to an entire coaching staff which will include a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Goalkeeper Coach, and a Strength and Conditioning/Medical person.

All Scrosoppi FC athletes U13 and older will receive pre-season medical tests (which include concussion testing). These tests will act as baseline data for the medical team and will help the medical staff provide the best level of care throughout the season.