Scrosoppi FC does have a cost associated with their tryout. If you think you have what it takes to be a Scrosoppi FC athlete, but the fee is above your means you can reach out to

Scrosoppi FC athletes do not pay any fees to play in the regular League 1 Ontario season. Scrosoppi athletes are provided with training and game kits, a full technical staff to be there with them through training and games, medical testing and support throughout the season, post-match meals and gas money for games that are over 100km away from Milton, ON.

Scrosoppi FC will provide opportunities to play in Showcase Tournaments and International Events. Players may be required to play a small portion of the costs.


Scrosoppi FC welcomes all athletes who they think they have what it takes to play for Scrosoppi FC! Scrosoppi is looking for athletes who are technically proficient but more importantly we are looking for players who are hardworking, resilient team players that have big soccer dreams!

Scrosoppi FC does have a cost associated with their tryout.

Training & Playing

Scrosoppi FC plays in League 1 Ontario. League 1 Ontario is a semi-professional league that is higher than OPDL and falls just below the Canadian Premier League in the talented player pathway.

Scrosoppi FC is a high-performance club, that plays in a semi-professional standards-based league. Scrosoppi FC will train 4 – 5 times per week. In addition to training, they will play an average of one game per week throughout the season (May – September).

Games will take place throughout southern Ontario, as well as a trip West to London and Windsor.

If you are a high-performance athlete who plays for a college or University team in Canada or abroad (US or international) you are also eligible to play on Scrosoppi FC’s roster. Scrosoppi would ensure that your season with the club would end in a timeline that matches your college or University team.

Athlete Development

Scrosoppi FC ensures all athlete have access to a full coaching staff which will include a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Goalkeeper Coach and a Strength and Conditioning/Medical person.

All Scrosoppi FC athletes will receive pre-season medical test (which includes concussion testing). These tests will act as baseline data for the medical team, and will help the medical staff provide the best level of care throughout the season.

While you are training with Scrosoppi FC your Head Coach is also there to help you achieve your soccer dreams! Throughout the season they will be working with you to outline your strengths and areas of opportunities and collaboratively work towards your goals. As your coach they will be leveraging the Scrosoppi FC network of NCAA/U Sport Contacts, International Contacts and CPL/MLS contacts to ensure that they are advocating for you and your goals!

After Scrosoppi FC

Scrosoppi FC works hard to ensure their athletes have ample opportunities to continue their soccer journey after their time with the club. Scrosoppi works to build relationships with NCAA and U sport coaches and makes a point to participate in showcases and international experiences.

If a player excels within Scrosoppi FC and League 1 Ontario, they can continue on to play in the Canadian Premier League, Major League Soccer, U Sport, NCAA or Internationally.


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